• The original lease area is located in the northern part of the country, in the Department of Peten,   and has an extension of 97,710 acres.
• It is a Hidrocarbons Exploration and Exploitation Contract for a 25 year period, effective   from September 2006. .

Exploration Phase

• In November 2012, the Exploratory Well Ocultún 2X makes the discovery of a Natural Gas and   Condensate producing formation known as Hillbank, at a depth of 10,500 ft (TVD).
• The gas bearing formation, with a gross thickness of over 300 feet, is characterized as a   porous intercrystaline and fractured dolomite.

• After over two years of extended production testing, at stable rates and pressures, a   second well, Ocultún 4XST, was drilled. This well proved the extension of the   structure towards a salt dome and confirms the potential of the basin, and at the same time allows us to denominate it as the FIRST COMMERCIAL DISCOVERY OF NATURAL GAS IN GUATEMALA AND CENTRAL AMERICA.